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If your pet is unwell, call us directly at 3878 9766.

Please fill out the form below for your preferred time.

For short notice bookings, please phone directly at 3878 9766.

Note: Your booking is not confirmed until we confirm it via email or by phone.

Clinic Hours

Your Pet’s Vet is open 6 days a week, plus you can contact the after hours service at Pet E.R. or AES for emergencies.

Please call to make an appointment with one of your pets vets.

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday 

7:30am* to 6:30pm


7:30am* to 6:00pm


8:00am* to 3:00pm

Sundays & Public Holidays
If my pet is not him/her-self, may have a tick, has a scratch or a cut, please call the clinic’s number on 
38789766 or go straight to A.E.S at Jindalee  Phone 3715 9999 


Emergencies:  38789766

Emergencies will be given priority for urgent attention and do not need an appointment, yet please let us know so we can be prepared when the emergency is on the way.

Or go straight to A.E.S. at Jindalee.  Phone 3715 9999


House calls are available by appointment.  

Please call 3878 9766


Admissions for surgery or procedures on the day are from 7.30 to 8.00am.


*At 7.30 Your Pet’s Vet is staffed by  Vet Nurses & by 7.45am phones are turned over.  Please leave a message if not urgent & we can get back to you